Ask for our special bread baked in wood burning oven.
Vegetarian items indicated with (*)

  • Hummus  Puree of garbanzo beans with paprika and olive oil (with ½ bread)                                                       6.95
  • Babaghanoosh  Eggplant spread with caramelized onion (with ½ bread)                                                           $6.95
  • Tabbuleh  Cracked wheat with cucumber, tomato, parsley, green onions with lemon juice                                   $6.95
  • Dolmas  Stuffed grape leaves with basmati rice and herbs                                                                                 $6.95
  • Combination Platter Hummus, babaghanoosh, tabbuleh and dolmas (with 1 bread)                                           $11.95
  • Grilled Garden Vegetables Grilled Eggplant, Mushrooms, Zucchini, caramelized Onions,                                  $11.95
         Red Bell Peppers topped with our Balsamic Dressing  (with 1 bread)     
  • Spanakopita  Baked phyllo dough triangle stuffed with spinach and feta cheese                                                  $6.95
  • SideofFrenchfries                                                                                                                                         $5.00

  • Moroccan stile Marinade Baby artichoke hearts and olives                  $6.95
  • Persian style chicken wings (joojeh) marinade Cornish game hen skewered & roaste
    d over grill tossed in spicy sauce   $6.95
  • Smoked Salmon with capers and dill or jalapeno Tzatziki sauce  serve on top of the fresh bread$7.95



ADD to your salads (Chicken kabab $6, beef Kabab $5, gyros $5, flafal $4, shrimp $6, Salmon $9)    
  • Greek Salad Heart of romaine, tomato, cucumber, onions, Calamata olives and feta cheese with
    lemon dressing $7.95
  • Organic Baby Greens  with tomato served with balsamic vinaigrette dressing $7.95
  • Caesar Salad  Hearts of romaine and tomato with creamy anchovy dressing $7.95
  • Warm Spinach and Shrimp  Sautéed shrimp, Fennel, feta cheese, garlic and tomato  (with ½ bread) $11.95
  • Warm Chicken Salad  Grilled tender breast of chicken breast on mescaline greens with
    balsamic vinaigrette dressing (with ½ bread}$12.25
  • SPICY GYROS SALAD Sautéed gyros (meat) with onions, Lettuce and  Tzatziki (with ½ bread) $12.25
  • Grilled cold mixed salad Eggplant, Mushrooms, Zucchini, artichoke, tomato, Red Bell Peppers, tabbuleh,
    baby spinach, lentil, Brown rice,  and feta cheese tossed together
    in fresh lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil $8.95
    • Roasted Vegetable Quinoa Salad $8.95

  • Mediterranean Burger  Ground lamb with onion, lettuce, tomato with our house special sauce $8.95
  • Vegetarian Sandwich  Grilled eggplant, zucchini, red bell pepper, mushroom, onion, garlic and
    Mozzarella cheese with balsamic sauce $8.95
  • Spicy Gyros Sandwich gyros (meat), Lettuce, Caramelized Onions with our Tzatziki sauce $8.95
  • Grilled Chicken Sandwich  Tender breast of chicken with lettuce, tomato, onions and balsamic  sauce $8.95
  • Gyros Sandwich  Gyros (combination of lamb and beef) served with lettuce, tomato, onions wrapped
    in freshly baked pita bread$10.25
  • Gyros Platter  Gyros, lettuce, tomato and onion served with Tzatziki sauce$8.95
  • Falafel Sandwich  with lettuce, tomato and onions served with special sauce$10.95
  • Cold sandwich Hummus, babaghanoosh, tabbuleh and Crisp Romaine leaves wrapped in fresh bread $6.95


  • Gyros Pizza Gyros, fresh tomato, caramelized onion, home made tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese $12.95
  • Gyros Calzone pizza pocket stuffed with Gyros, caramelized onion, mozzarella cheese, fresh tomato
    and tomato sauce   $10.95
  • Margarita Fresh mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce and fresh basil $9.95
  • Pepperoni   Pepperoni, mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce$10.95
  • Chicken Pesto  With grilled chicken breast, roasted bell pepper, mushrooms and mozzarella$13.95
  • Vegetarian pizza Grilled eggplant, zucchini, red bell pepper, mushrooms ,mozzarella and tomato sauce$11.95
  • Veggie Calzone pizza pocket stuffed with grilled eggplant, zucchini, red bell pepper, mushrooms Mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce $10.95
Pizza toppings
  • Topping are .75each for pizza
  • Fresh tomato
  • Gyros
  • Roasted red pepper
  • Pepperoncinis
  • Spinach
  • Basil pesto                    
  • Kalamata olives             
  • Sautéed mushrooms     
 Feta cheese
  • Onions 
  • Sun dried tomatoes 
  • Anchovies 
 Roasted eggplant
  • Roasted zucchini
  • Pepperon
  •  Falafel




  • Grilled Atlantic Salmon with tropical salsa served with garlic mashed potato and fresh vegetables $16.95
  • Pomegranate Chicken  Marinated chicken roasted in our wood-burning oven infused with
    pomegranate sauce and served with roasted garlic mashed potato and fresh vegetables $15.95
  • Chicken Souvlakia(chicken kabab)  Grilled boneless breast of chicken on a skewer served
    with saffron basmati Rice and sate fresh garden vegetables $14.95
  • Lamb Souvlakia (lamb kabab) Grilled fillet of lamb on a skewer served with saffron basmati rice
    and Fresh vegetables$16.95
  • Mousaka  Layers of eggplant and ground lamb served with our special spicy red sauce$14.25
  • Grilled Pork Tenderloin   In pomegranate sauce served with garlic mashed potato and vegetables$15.95
  • Smoked Pork chopped      In pomegranate sauce served with garlic mashed potato and vegetables$15.95
  • kobedah Two Skewers of Marinated Ground Lamb &Beef served with Saffron Basmati Rice And Seasonal Vegetables$14.95

  • Extra skewer of chicken 7.95     Extra skewer of Kobedah    6.95        Extra skewer of Lamb 9.95


  • Seafood Linguini  Shrimp, mushroom ,sun dried tomato  in light creamy tomato sauce $14.95
  • Chicken Linguini  Sautéed  chicken breast with mushrooms ,sun dried tomato  in light creamy sauce $13.95
  • Angel Hair  With roasted peppers, spinach and mushroom in tomato basil sauce $11.95
  • Spicy Gyros Linguini  Gyros and house made spicy tomato sauce with linguini pasta$13.95
  • Fettuccine Marco Polo  With Shrimp, mushrooms and spinach in light tomato curry sauce$14.95
  • House Made Ravioli  Filled with spinach, ricotta cheese, parmesan and Romano cheese$11.95



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